Four Person Team Relay & Cross Country Beer Mile


Jamestown, NY at Southern Tier Brewery

Countdown To Race Day!

2017/09/10 07:00:00

September 10, 2017

The 4 For 44 Team Relay

@Chautauqua Lake

If you are ready to celebrate the end of summer by making your running a team sport… the 4 for 44 is the race for you!

The picturesque course traverses through lakeside villages, parks, wine country, and even passes through Lucille Ball’s hometown! There are varied distances and challenges for the legs so this is an event for all runners. We encourage you to define your team on course by wearing team shirts or costumes!

You bring the team, we will supply great Tshirts, swag, finishers medals, and fun day with your friends.

The 4 for 44 will be held on September 10, 2017 and will start and finish at the Award Winning Southern Tier Brewery! There will be a fantastic after party with music, games and of course a cool and frosty Southern Tier Brewery Beer or two…

Get Your Team Together!

Get ready for the 4 for 44 team relay. Here’s how!

  • Establish a Team Captain

    The big kauhuna, head honcho, grand pooh-bah, big cheese, top dog… Ok let’s not let the title go to our head.  But the Captain needs to register the team and is the main point of contact.  Probably best if the Captain is the type to check their email regularly.

  • Register The Team

    Come up with a cool team, creativity counts!  The captain is responsible for registration and setting up the team.  Once the team is set up online the captain sends individual information on how to register and pay online.

  •  Recruit your team

    Get your team together.  You will need four runners and each person will run between 10 to 13 miles.  The 4 for 44 will have 12 legs of roughly two to four miles each, some flat some hilly. Each team mate will have to run three legs.  Here is the fun part, deciding who gets to run which leg.  Details available of each leg as we get closer to race day.

  • Plan for a Fun Day!

    Get ready for race day by planning your weekend.  Start training and talk about your team.  Come up with a team theme.. costumes, decorated vehicles, and fun ideas.  Creativity counts here as the team that has the most fun wins.  Why not make a weekend of it!  Book hotel rooms at our partner properties or plan to camp out.

4 For 44 Relay - Register Now

Cross Country Beer Mile

It sounds so simple – drink four beers, one every 1/4 mile. The Beer Mile has been held unofficially for years, in the dark on college campuses/high school tracks around the country. We are taking this event to a new level and making official! We are also going to put a twist on the race and make it a Cross Country Course! We know you are up for the challenge! The race will take place at Southern Tier Brewery where this delicious Malt liquor is made!

How the beer mile works

  • Drink 12oz Beer, Run 400m
  • Drink 12oz Beer, Run 400m
  • Drink 12oz Beer, Run 400m
  • Drink 12oz Beer, Run 400m

Beer for the event will be provided by Southern Tier Brewing, participants can not bring their own beer.  With Southern Tier, why would you want to?

The current world record is 4minutes 47 seconds. Sub-7:00 puts you in the top 500 all-time, sounds easy but it is not. Better get training!

Cross Country Beer Mile - Register Now